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Maths lesson Wednesday 1st April

Rounding to the nearest 10 & 100 continued...


Warm up - follow one of the warm up links on the main maths page


Main lesson - Recap on rounding numbers from yesterday by playing the Hungry Hamsters or Rocket Rounding game below -

After playing the games now play a rounding numbers board game with a member of your family at home with you.


You will need -

*The board game template (you can draw the board game onto paper if you are unable to print it out at home)

*30 cubes (if you don't have cubes you can use any small object you have at home i.e. beads, small lego etc)

*2 players

Complete the worksheet below rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

Either complete on sheet or record into exercise books.

Does the same rule apply when you round to the nearest thousand?