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Wednesday 1st April Literacy lesson

Planning your own story


Recap on the story, The Papaya that spoke from yesterday's lesson.


Today you are going to plan your own version of the story.


You will need to think of your own characters for your story.

What will they say?

Where will your story be set?


In your exercise book you will need to make a list of your new characters.

For example, instead of a Farmer you could have a Ballet Dancer.

Who instead of finding a talking papaya finds a talking strawberry.


Go through the story and change each character as you go along.


Once you have your list of characters think about where your story will be set. 

What country is it set?

What type of place is it? hot? cold? snowing?


Lastly you will need to think about what your 'food' will say?

For example, instead of the papaya saying 'Hands off!' The strawberry could say 'Leave me alone!'


Record your work in your exercise books with the date and learning objective.


Wednesday 1st April


L.O. To plan a story


Be as creative as you can be with your story plans smiley I look forward to reading them soon!