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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning!


Today you are going to write another colour poem.


It is going to take exactly the same format as the one you did yesterday.


The colour you will write your poem for is Blue.


Firstly, mind map Blue like you did with Red yesterday. Write Blue in the middle and then write as many things you can think of that remind you of blue.


For example, blue sky, blue whale, feeling blue, bluebells, bubblegum ice cream, the sea etc.


When you have done this, use some of those words to write your colour poem for blue. Try and get the last words on the second and forth line to rhyme. Don't worry if you cant as it can be tricky.


Practice first, and when you are happy then you can write your final poem. Don't forget to add pictures underneath or on the sides.




Blue is the deep sea

Blue are my eyes

Blue is the never ending sky

Blue is a butterfly as it flies


Have fun writing you blue poems. smiley