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Wednesday 10th November



Practice the days of the week with your child. 

Days of week Train Sing along song

Days of the Week Sing-along Song - YouTube

Days of the Week Songs - CBeebies - BBC


Do they know the week days (Monday - Friday) and the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)? 

Do they do any activities on any particular day of the week? 

Do you they have a favourite day? Why? 

If you have a calendar, diary or wall planner, show your child, pointing out the days of the week.

If your child is able to, encourage them to copy the letters to spell their favourite day of the week.




Click on the link to sing along to Jolly Phonics


Click on the link BBC schools radio – Can you guess the sounds?


Log in to your child's bug club and enjoy some stories. (log in details are on the cover of the Home Reading Diary)

Read some of your favourite stories together. 

Practice 's' 'a' 't' 'p' 'i' 'n' - Can your children repeat the sound when you say it to them?  Can they recognise the sound when you show them the letter? Can your child write these sounds? 

Practice this with your child.  They can use pens, pencils, chalks, felt pens.  You could use sand or shaving foam and ask your child to trace the letters.  




The children have been learning about autumn and that many trees shed their leaves and change colour. 

Seasons Song - YouTube

Autumn in the UK | BBC Teach - YouTube

Discuss the Autumn video clip with your child. What can they see happening? What colours can they see? What is the weather like?


Take a walk to find some leaves (or maybe you have some in your garden) and discuss autumn. 

Observe the trees - what's happened to the leaves?

Are there some trees that haven't lost their leaves?

What is the weather like today?

BE SURE TO COLLECT SOME LEAVES AND TWIGS - you will need them for your art work later and on Thursday.


Find a few different types of leaf.  How are they similar or different? What colour are they? Were they always that colour? Can you match the leaves you collected to the leaves on the poster below?





Try some leaf rubbing.  Lay a sheet of paper over the leaf and rub over the top with a crayon or pencil.

Make make leaf people - see picture below for ideas