Primary School

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Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good morning!


Today is going to be about planning your letter so you will need some scrap paper for this.


Firstly, you need to introduce yourself so your letter needs to start like this:


Dear Greenpeace,


My name is ................................ and there is a ................................. in my pond!


Write this part first on your scrap paper. You can be yourself, Emily or make up a different name. You decide this. Then you need to think of a sea creature that is living in your pond and put it where there is a blank space. Ask an adult to help you with this. If you make any mistakes then don't worry as its on scrap paper!


Next, you need to think of 2 questions that you are going to ask Greenpeace about the creature in your pond.


Some examples could be:


What shall I feed it?


Do you think he is scared?


Is it alright if I smooth him?


Do you think he has lost his family? 


How can I help him?


You can use any of these above or try thinking of your own.


Have a go at writing some questions you would like to ask Greenpeace. Make them as silly as l you like. Remember to use question marks!


Ask an adult to help you.


Take your time and remember that thinking time is just as important as writing time. Read your final sentences to an adult. 


Good luck. Have fun.smiley