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How to use Hwb

How to use Hwb:


Please click on the link above and log in using your child's Hwb details which were emailed to you on Monday. If you did not receive your child's details or you are having difficulty logging in, please email me. 


Once you are logged on: Menu > Office365


 On the left hand side it will have a blue cloud which is your One Drive.

On here, you may create folder named Home Learning and upload photos and videos of your child's home learning activities. You can upload videos of all sizes as I am aware it can be difficult to email me videos. You then need to make sure the file is being shared with me so I have access to it. Use my email address to shar it with me.


Going back on the Office365 page, on the left hand side it will have Outlook and Teams. You may use these to email me and is also the correct way to access Teams for the Live Lessons. 


Your child will be using Hwb and these details throughout their time in Lansdowne, from Nursery > Year 6. We are using it now more than ever whilst we are learning and working from home. 


If you have any further questions about using Hwb, please email me.