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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Good morning!


Emily communicates with Greenpeace by writing letters. 


So you are going to be writing a letter to Greenpeace!


Tuesday 9th June 2020

LO: to write a letter to Greenpeace


Firstly, lets think about how a letter looks. What special features does a letter have? (Discuss with a grown up)


  • Schools address
  • Greenpeace address
  • Begin with Dear
  • End with From, Love, or Yours sincerely


Here is an example to look at:



Can you see all of the main parts that makes it a letter? What are they and where are they? Discuss with an adult.


After writing the date and the LO(learning objective) in the top left of the page, miss two lines and write the schools address in the top right hand corner. As shown below.


Lansdowne Primary School, 

Norfolk Street




9th June 2020



Well done!


You are going to be writing this letter to Greenpeace pretending you are Emily from the story or somebody else. You are going to use your imaginations and pretend that you have found a living sea creature in a pond in your garden!


I now want you to think about who you would like to be in your letter? You can be Emily, yourself, or make up another name. Then I want you to have a think about a type of sea creature that you have found in your pond. It could be a dolphin, a seal, a walrus, a shark etc. Make a note of these on some scrap paper as you will need these for tomorrows lesson. Discuss this with an adult.