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Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good morning!


You need to think of one of your memories of year two!


I would like you to write a paragraph about this memory. 


It can be any memory you like. Happy, sad, funny etc.


Start your memory using this opening sentence:


I remember a time in year two when...


Remember to use:


Capital letters

Full stops

Exclamation marks (if needed)


I'm looking for about 5 sentences or more in your paragraph.


Below is an example but i'm sure you can do much better !


I remember a time in year two when we went on a school trip to Noahs Ark Zoo/Farm. I sat with all of my friends on the coach and we sang songs all the way there! It was such a great day. I got to see a my favourite animal the giraffe up close. They were huge! I remember my friend Rachel falling asleep on the coach on the way home. I was tickling her nose to wake her up. It was so funny! 


Tuesday 7th July 2020

LO; to write a paragraph about my year two memories