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Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good morning!


Write a paragraph for what you can see. ​




I stood like a statue on the dirty pavement, staring at the gigantic house before me. Even in the daytime this house was frighteningly eerie. The windows were layered in blankets of dust and some of the green shutters were missing. Moss had made its way onto the old stone bricks that made the house, making it look dirty and unwanted. It was hard to find the front door and a large part of me didn’t want to! The front garden was covered with sinister grave stones and unkept shrubbery. Even the views surrounding this house were scary. It all added to the question of who actually lives here?​


Have a go at writing your own description of what you see when you look at the house. Write a paragraph. Make it a similar length to the one above. Include adjectives to help describe what you see. Make sure your sentences have a capital letters and full stops. Include one question which will need (?) at the end of it and try to include an (!). Exclamation marks are needed if you want to shock the reader and make your writing sound dramatic. Eg, The house was so tall that it's pointy rooftops shot up and punched through the dark clouds!


Have fun with this guys! Looking forward to reading them!