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Tuesday 31st March Literacy lesson

Retelling a story

Read the story' The Papaya that spoke' below 


After reading the story watch Pie Corbett (who is a famous storyteller) retell the story by clicking the link below


Draw a story map in your exercise book to help you remember the different parts of the story.

Here is an example of a story map of The Gruffalo below to give you an idea of how your story map should look.

Gruffalo story map

Now have a go at rehearsing the story with a member of your family at home. Use hand gestures and actions to help you for certain words and phrases just like Pie Corbett did in the video.

Here is an example of some of the actions that Pie Corbett uses when he retells a story. You may want to use some too. You could even make up some of your own!

Once you have practised and feel confident retelling the story, record yourselves retelling it. You can do it alone or with a member of your family if you would prefer. Have fun retelling the story and remember to use different voices for the different characters and lots of expression too!yes