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Tuesday 30th June 2020

Good morning!


This week you are going to be looking at the Javan Rhino (Sumatran Rhino). It is an endangered species of Rhino. You will need to find out lots of information about it as you will be planning a persuasive piece of writing. 



Here is a link which will give you lots of information about the Javan Rhino.


After reading this information and watching the video link please answer these questions in your books or on paper. Ask an adult to help you.


Tuesday 30th June 2020

LO: to research the Javan Rhino

(Either write the questions in books or answer in full sentences please.)

Which part of the world does the Javan Rhino come from?


What has happened to the Javan Rhino population?


How many are left?


Why do you think this rhino is hunted?


How do you feel about it becoming extinct in the future?


What is being done to help save these animals?


How can people help?


What needs to be done?