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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Good morning!


Today you are going to be looking at some examples of what a fact file is and what a fact file looks like. 


Before you find out discuss with an adult what you think an animal fact file might be. Have you seen one before? What did it look like? (5 min discussion)




An animal fact file is lots of interesting facts about an animal. They are usually colourful and have pictures.


Here is an example of a Kangaroo fact file. Have a look at it and talk about the features it has. 


Eg, Titles, Fun facts, pictures and the layout.

You are going to create a fact file on the humpback whale.


You are going to use the same format as the fact file above.


On a scrap piece of paper or in your workbook I would like you to write down these subheadings:


Name -


Where I live -


What I eat -


How long I live -

Read the information below about the humpback whale. Then, find the four things you need to know and write them down next to the headings above.




Name - Humpback Whale