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Tuesday 2nd February

 Live Lessons today

Thompson Park Class Reading at 9.30 am. Please bring paper and a pencil.

Victoria Park Class Maths at 10am. Please bring paper and a pencil.

Suggested activities for Tuesday 2nd February



We do not expect you to do them all



30 mins of reading time

  • Have you got any books about Superheroes? Or do you have a book with vegetables in? Get cosy with a blanket and read it to your favourite teddy.  
  • Log into Bug Club

30 mins of physical exercise 

  • Get that sunshine in your pocket and that good soul in your feet as you dance to Trolls with GoNoodle

Maths activities  

  • Can you find the right coin for the shopkeeper to buy these items? You can print and cut the coins out or you can use real coins. If you can’t print out the items then attach pretend price tags to your toys.

Literacy activities

  • Phonics- Today, we are looking at ‘y’.

Practise writing the letter ‘y’.

Draw and label some things that begin with ‘y’.

  • Evil Pea has escaped the freezer! Can you create a WANTED poster for him? Here is a poster you can use, or you can create your own!

Creative activities

  • Terrific Tuesday- Make today terrific!

What do you love to do? What makes you happy? Is it playing with lego? Playing outside in the garden? Reading a book? Doing some colouring? Whatever it is, do it today! Please let us know what you chose to do and send a photo of you with a big smile.

  • Create your own superhero mask. There is a template below or you can create your own. Colour them in or paint them. You could stick things on them. Make sure you take a photo for us.


Numberblocks 0-100 - Learn to Count

This is one of the videos sent to us yesterday as part of the Motivational Monday task.