Primary School

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Tuesday 28th April

Today you are going to plan three paragraphs that are going to be the main parts of your letter.


This is just a first draft so it is okay to make mistakes. You will be looking back over this work on Wednesday.


Don't copy the sentences exactly. I am expecting you to change words and add your own words too.


Paragraph one 


Tell little bear who you are and why you are writing to him. 



Hello little bear, my name is Ellie and I read your story about being afraid of the dark. I've had some ideas about how I can help you and I would like to share them with you.


Paragraph two


Tell little bear something that you are scared of and how you deal with it.



Everyone is scared of something little bear. I am scared of spiders! They have lots of legs and scurry really quickly which makes me jump! My mum always tells me to stand very still and the spider will go away. Do you like spiders?


Paragraph three


In the story you have lanterns to help you with your fear but I think that you should try a night light. I have one and it really helps me sleep peacefully. It lights up my ceiling with beautiful pictures and it plays music. 


Have a go at writing these three paragraphs and remember that this is just a firs draft so its okay to make mistakes. You will make improvements on Wednesday.


Good luck!smiley