Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.


Limit Breakers 


Complete these questions mentally and then check over your answers using a written method. 

1. Lucy has 28 sweets and gives 15 sweets away to James. How many sweets does she have left?


2. Anna buys a banana for 21p and an apple for 17p. How much does she spend all together?



3. Gary is 24, his sister Jane is 16 years younger. How old is Jane?


4. Chocolate bars used to cost 56p. The cost has been cut by 25p. How much does chocolate now cost?


5. Joshua has 43p. After he buys a comic he has 22p left. How much was the comic?


6. Cathy has 37p, and Sally has 15p less. How much does Sally have?


7. There are 38 people on the bus. At the next stop, 7 people get off. How many people are left on the bus?


8. Tanya had a ribbon that was 29cm long. She cut off 14cm. How long is her ribbon?


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