Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.


Well done everybody on the super plans yesterday. It was great to see your wonderful ideas.


Today is your chance to redraft your introduction (using dadwaver sentence starters). After this, please write a paragraph of description of the area your character is in. As you did last week, please remember to include the 5 senses when describing how your character is feeling.


Once you have redrafted your introduction we would like you to think of the next place that your character will visit. Remember to use the 5 senses and the Dadwavers sentences to move your story on. Remember you HAVE NOT met the creature. This is the build up to finding the creature. You must build up tension as your character/characters get closer to the creature. 


Please use:


  • Dadwaver sentence starters.
  • Complex sentences. E.g Although she could not see anyone else around, Alesha was sure that she was not alone.
  • Full stops, capital letters and commas.
  • Wow words!
  • Description, description, description. Focus less on having things happening and more on describing one scene.
  • Describe the characters feelings and emotions.