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Maths starter 


Work out the following in your heads. Don't use paper to work out the answers. 


1) 2457-340   2)546 doubled   3) Half of 4862   4) 6783+210   5) 4320+700 


Begum's Beasts and Limit Breakers. 


Yesterday you looked at (and did really good work on) capacity. Today, you will look at weight and reading scales with different amounts of weight. We measure weight in grams (g) and Kilograms (kg). There are 1000g in 1kg! ( 1000g=1kg) 


Have a look at the weighing scales below. What are the weights displayed on them? Remember, the lines represent different numbers and they may go up in different amounts. E.g. they could go up in 1s, 5s, 50s, or even 100s. So take care when reading your amounts. 


Pi-thons and Begum's Beasts extension


Yesterday you looked at different amounts when working with capacity. Today you will be looking at how to convert simple units of measure. 

Yesterday we learnt that 1000ml=1L. Using this information we can convert different amounts of L into Ml and Ml into L. E.g. 3.2L= 3200ml. This is because, we know the 3 represents 3L and the 2 is parts of the next L. So that means that 3.2L = 3200ml. 

It will also work for 4.4L=4400ml. Have a go at converting the measures below: 


1) 5.5L=    Ml     2) 6.7L=      Ml         3) 4200Ml=         L  4) 7.6L=           Ml   5) 8800ml=            L 






Fire Dragons and Number Ninjas


Today we are going to do more conversion work. Use the following fact to help you answer the questions. Don't forget to join your teacher for the live lesson.


Important to remember!












Tip. Convert all of the sunflower heights into cm by looking at the conversion facts.

Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys


It was great to see you all rising to yesterday's tricky challenge. Although some work seems difficult when you first face it, once you look closely and really put your minds to it, it is not too difficult. Today will follow a similar set up to yesterday. Don't forget yesterday's methods when attempting the below!




What is the dogs weight in lbs?