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Planning a Science experiment: 


Today we would like you to plan your very own Science friction experiment. 


When we plan there are a few things we need to remember: 

  • What do we want to find out? 
  • What we will need- What materials are we going to need etc
  • Variables- Is there anything we will change? E.g. surfaces/materials
  • Fair test- What are we going to keep the same? E.g. Length of surface/object to move along the surface. 
  • Method- What we are going to do and how. 
  • Prediction- What we think will happen. 


Today you are going to write your own what you will need, fair test and prediction. The rest you will copy to help you. Please follow the template below and copy it into Word, PowerPoint or your learning from home book. 


Copy the writing in blue and write your own when the writing is in red. 


What do we want to find out? 


We want to find out which materials generate a large or small amount of friction by pushing a toy car along different surfaces. We also want to find out which surfaces allow our toy car to travel the furthest. 


What we will need


Here you will need to list the surfaces you will use. E.g. Carpet, Kitchen surface, tiles etc. You will also need to say what you will be pushing along the surface (make sure it is something small). 


What variables will be changed. 


During the experiment we will only be changing the surfaces in which the toy car  travels along. 


How to keep it a fair test


What things will you keep the same what will you change? How will you make it fair. Remember you must have the same length of surface each time. Are you going to measure how far the toy car has gone on the surface that you are using? Will you measure it the same each time? How will you push the car? Will you use the same amount of effort each time? Remember to think about all of these things! 




First we need to take the toy car and place it on our first surface. Once we have done this, we need to push the toy car along our surface and measure the distance as to how far the toy car has gone. We will use a rule or measuring tape for this. We will then repeat the process for our other surfaces and measure it the same way. 




Here you need to say what you think will happen. Which surface will allow the toy car to travel the furthest? Make sure you say why you think this. This needs to be written in a full sentence. 



Once you have completed your plan (copy the bits in blue and written your own version in red) please send it to your teacher.