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Maths starter 


Mental starter: Do these questions as quick as you can. Do not use a pencil and paper as these should be done in your head. Time yourself and see if you start to get quicker everyday. 

1) 45+10

2) 67-42

3) 40+10

4) 76-32

5) 345-31

6) 897-402


Note down your time and send your time to your teacher. 


Main Lesson


Begum's Beasts and Limit Breakers


Today we are going to find simple fractions of amounts. Now you have already looked at finding halves of amounts so now we are going to look at finding quarters. 

 To find a 1/4 of amount we need to look at the bottom number. This number is 4. So when finding a 1/4 of amount, just like finding any other fraction of an amount, we need to divide the number by 4. E.g. 20 divided by 4 is 5! 


Have a go at dividing the number below by 4 and finding those quarters. 

1) 1/4 of 8

2) 1/4 of 12

3) 1/4 of 24

4) 1/4 of 16 

5)1/4 of 40 

6) 1/4 of 80 

7) 1/4 of 32 

8) 1/4 of 36 


Send your answers to your teacher. 


Begum's Beasts and Pi-Thons

Following your super work yesterday, we look at some trickier fractions of amounts questions. Make sure you check twice on the times tables you find more tricky!




Fire Dragons and Number Ninjas





Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys


Today we look further into fractions and decimals and their relationship. Well done to those of you who worked on this brilliantly during our teams meeting.