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Endangered Animals 


This week we are looking at endangered species


You are going to create your own board game. You can either use the templates in the documents below, or you can design your own. 




Save The Animals Board Game


The endangered animals need your help! Their habitat has been destroyed and they need to find a new home in the nature reserve. 


What you need:

  • Game board
  • Animal counters
  • Earth cards
  • Dice


Before you play

  • This is a game for 2-4 players

  • Cut out the dice and glue the tabs together to make a cube
  • Cut out the animal counters (one for each player) 

(or design and make your own dice and animal counters)


Aim of the game

  • Roll the dice and move the number shown 

  • If you land on a picture of the Earth, pick up an Earth card and read it out loud, following the instructions
  • The first player to reach the nature reserve is the winner