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My A-Z of Nature



This fun game will help to improve writing skills and spelling.


What you will need:



Smartphone or Camera


What to do:


1. Write the alphabet on a piece of paper or in a notebook. Each letter of the alphabet should be on a new line.


2. Go into the garden or for a walk in your neighbourhood, taking pen, paper and smartphone or camera with you.


3. Be observant: what can you see, smell, and hear in nature?


4. Try to fill in the alphabet using the things you notice around you. For example, W for wind, G for grass, B for bumblebee.


5. Look under rocks, up into high tree branches, and peer into hedges to find as many species as you can.


6. If you see anything you can’t identify, take a photo to allow you to identify it at home.


7. Head back inside and see how many letters of the alphabet you managed to complete.


8. Look at identification guides or the internet to try to identify the things you saw.


Random Act of Wildness - Day 2