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Renewable Energy


Yesterday, we looked at electricity in circuits.  Electricity can be produced in a number of different ways.  Take a look at the video below to find out how electricity is made:


Can you think of one problem that we might have if we continue to burn fossil fuels?  What impact will it have on the environment?


It is important that we start to move towards using more renewable energies.  One renewable energy source that we could really benefit from using is 'wind power'.  Today, I would like you all to have a go at making a creating your own wind turbine.

You can use the method below if you would like, or try your own.  It is up to you! If you don't have some of the materials needed, click on the document above. 


You will need:

- Paper / Plastic cup

- 2 lollipop sticks

- Hole punch (or something to make a hole with)

- Skewer

- Paper fastener

- Sticky labels (or paper and glue)

- Pen




Use the hole punch to make a hole in the middle of each of the lollipop sticks.



Turn the paper cup upside down and make a hole in the side using the skewer, close to the closed end of the cup. Get an adult to help make the hole and be careful with the skewer.



Fix both lollipop sticks to the cup by putting a butterfly clip (paper fastener) through the holes in each stick then through the hole in the cup.




Draw windows and a door on the sticky labels and stick on to the cup.