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Investigate...Skittles Rainbow.


Please do not go out to buy skittles if you do not have them at home. Stay home, stay safe! blush


To complete this investigation you will need:


A plate or bowl...something that is slightly sloped in towards the middle.

Water - Medium temperature tap water.  The hotter, the better.

Skittles - one bag per experiment.  You could also use M&M's.




Place your Skittles in a circle around your dish. You could try doing this in different shapes to see what happens.



Once you have completed the circle add in medium temperature water in the middle. Make sure you add enough to go right to the edge of the sweets on both sides.



Wait thirty seconds to see the colours begin to come out. The colour will start dissolving away from the shell once you add in the warm water.



Once you have completed your investigation, write a set of instructions for somebody else to complete this investigation.


Super Science

Skittles are made and coated with sugar, so once you add warm water to it the colouring and coat begin to dissolve very quickly