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Shadow Stories


Using the shadow puppet theatre that you created yesterday, I would like you to choose your favourite story from your house and retell is using shadow puppets.


To complete this task you will need to:

1. Choose your favourite story

2. Read the story with an adult

3. Identify the different characters in the story

4. Create the characters by drawing their outline on paper and cutting them out.  It might be a good idea to fasten them to a lollipop stick or a straw.

5. Shine the light on the theatre and tell the story using your puppets.


If you can get an adult to record your story that would be great!


I have included 2 examples of shadow puppet stories below for you to watch.

The 3 Little Piggies - Shadow Puppets Film-making workshop

The 3 Little Piggies - Shadow Puppets Film-making workshop: Colchester & Ipswich Museum working with Signals Media Arts Centre to provide educational worksho...

Jack & the Beanstalk, Film-making shadow puppets movie, Somersham School

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