Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.

Tuesday 26th January

There will be live lessons for

Thompson Park (Miss Watson) at 9.30 am

Victoria Park (Mrs Leak) at 10 am

Please bring paper and a pencil

Suggested activities for Tuesday 26th January



30 mins of reading time



30 mins of physical exercise



Maths activities 

Literacy activities

  • Can you name 10 things starting with h – eg. horse. Can you name 10 thigs starting with g – gate
  • W is one of Miss Watson’s favourite letters. I wonder why! Lots of words begin with w? Can you think of any and write them down and draw pictures.
  • Play this game:
  • In the story Hansel and Gretel were sad and happy. What makes you happy? What makes you sad? Write some sentences e.g. I am happy when it snows. I am sad when I can’t see my friends.
  • Did you go at play in the snow? What was it like, how did you feel? Write and draw a picture.
  • Can you name the stories below ?

Creative activities


  • Paint/draw/ make with playdough your own sweets/lollipops. Make them really colourful.
  • Watch the Hansel and Gretel song
  • Make a house with Lego/bricks/construction you have at home.  You could use a cardboard box. Why not use paints, crayons or even real sweets!!