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Tuesday 24th March Topic lesson

Eat a Rainbow!


Recap on the healthy plate activity from yesterday. Can you remember the different food groups.


Make your own food rainbow and learn the health benefits of each colour group. You will get a chance to explore the health benefits of eating specific colour groups of fruits and vegetables and will be able to make wiser food choices when they complete this educational craft!



To make a food rainbow craft, you will need to have the following items on hand: 

  • red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper (you can use plain paper and either colour it in or paint it)
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • pictures of fruits and vegetables in every colour of the rainbow (these can be drawn, cut out from magazines or newspapers or printed out from a computer)


Keep in mind that some colours, like red and green, will be easy to find fruits and vegetables for, while other colours, like blue and purple, may be more difficult.


Once you decide how much time you'd like to spend on this craft and how you will present your work, here's what you will need to do: 

1) Cut a half-circle shape from red construction paper or plain paper coloured in.

2) Cut consecutively smaller half-circles from each of the colours of construction paper. Lay them on top of one another so they create the appearance of a rainbow. 

3) Glue the rainbow pieces together. Then, cut out and glue each fruit or vegetable image onto the matching colour of the rainbow. Spread the images out evenly over each colour and watch your rainbow take shape!


REMEMBER that this is a healthy rainbow so we need to avoid any sweet or sugary snacks and make sure the majority of your rainbow is made up of fruit and vegetables.




Extension activity -


After making your rainbow, see if you can make a list of foods you have eaten today. Which colour of the rainbow would they go into? Do you think you have eaten healthily today? Do you think you could eat more colours in a day?