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Tuesday 23-06-2020

Good morning!




Today you are going to be looking at work by an artist called Heather Galler. Heather Galler is a well known, award winning, professional New York Artist for over 23 years. Heather has painted many large scale murals in restaurants, office buildings. Below is a photograph of Heather Gellar and some pictures of her paintings.




Discuss these paintings with a grown up. What are the paintings of? What colours are used? Do they have similarities? If so, what are they? What shapes can you see in the paintings? 


These paintings are of landscapes and she uses lots of bright colours. I can see lots of circle shapes, squares, rectangles, and triangles. She paints buildings, flowers, fields, and boats. 


I would like you to create a picture in this style. You will need plain paper, coloured paints, a paint brush and some water for washing your brush. If you dont have paints then use crayons, felt tip pens or coloured pencils.


Firstly, with a pencil draw your picture. Press lightly with the pencil. You might need a few practice goes first which is fine. When you are ready, paint your picture using bright colours. You may need to do this in stages so that the paints dont run into each other. Try painting with just one colour first. Let that dry and then start on the next colour and so on. 


Have fun!




Todays meditation is all about being grateful for what we have. Its lovely relaxing meditation.

I suggest you find cosy place where you can lay down with a pillow. Listen to the meditation and let yourself relax into it. I hope you enjoy it. Get other people in your household to join you. When it finishes it can be quite nice to stay in your cosy place and relax. Try doing this meditation in the morning to relax you at the start of your day. 


Try this meditation midday to unwind and relax.


Finally try this bubble meditation before going to bed. It should relax you and get you ready for a peaceful nights sleep.




Today I would like you to listen to this piece of music. It has no words. I think it is beautiful. Its called 'River flows in you' and it is played by pianist 'Yuruma' This song reminds me of my friend. She walked down the isle to this piece of music when she got married.


Think of a song that has no words that you really love. Play it to an adult and listen to it together. Talk about how it makes you feel. Talk about the instruments you can hear. Does this song remind you of something or somewhere or somebody?


Ask an adult to tell you their favourite song with no words. Play it and listen to it together. Talk about how it makes you feel. Does it remind you of a time or a place?