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Tuesday 19th January

Suggested activities for Tuesday 19th January

Choose 1or 2 of the activities from each subject


We will be holding live lessons today. 

Thompson Park- 11.30am (number work)

Victoria Park- 12.00pm (storytime)


Here's how to join:

1) Use your Hwb email to sign in

2) Click on Office 365

3) Go to 'Teams' (the little icon of people which is on the left of your screen)

4) Find and click on the 'Victoria Park/ Thompson Park'.

5) Click on the 'Join Meeting' button (top right)

 You will then be in a page called the 'Lobby'. Your teacher will know you are waiting and will let you in for the lesson.


30 mins of reading time


30 mins of physical exercise

  • Handa walked to Akeyo’s house with a basket on her head. Can you walk around the room with a basket or book balanced on your head. How long can you balance it on your head for?  Send us a picture.
  •  You’ll have to go outside for this one! Can you throw a ball in the air 10 times and catch it?
  • Choose an activity from this page



Maths activities 

  • Do you have animals to count and add? Use Lego bricks or pencils or something else easy to hold. Can you count 20 animals? Count forwards and backwards.
  • Match the number of spots on the ladybird to the numbers on the house .
  • Do some addition to 5 e.g. 2 elephants and 2 zebras makes 4 animals.
  • Try to find as many shapes as you can in the house/garden /park street. How many circles, squares, triangles and rectangles can you find?
  • Do you remember the order of the days of the week?   See if you can remember what day comes after Monday /Wednesday/Friday?
  • Handa walked to her friend’s village. It would have taken her a long time. Can you think of two things that take you a long time to do and two things that you can do quickly?  e.g. It takes me a long time to tidy my bedroom. I can eat a tangerine really quickly.
  • The basket for 7 fruits must have been heavy. Put 7 items in a basket and see how long you can hold it.


Literacy activities


  • How many items beginning with H can you find? Make a list and draw some of them.
  • Last week some of you worked on j now try V. Ask someone to make a big V for you then draw inside some v words van, vegetables etc.
  • Count how many V’s you see in this song
  • The story is called Handa’s surprise. What surprises have people organised for you? Can you think of a nice surprise that you could arrange for somebody else?
  • Draw a map showing Handa's route to see Akeyo and add pictures which shows the events which took place along the way.
  • If you were going to collect some gifts for a friend, what would you give them? e.g.

Ruth likes flowers.

Abdul  likes books.

Sarah likes sweets.

  • Can you finish these sentences? (see below)


Creative activities

  • How can you stay healthy? Watch this video We need to keep our teeth healthy too. We can do this by using a tooth brush and toothpaste. Draw a picture of you brushing your teeth. How many times a day to you brush yours?
  • Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books. Draw and colour a face made with fruit.


  • Think of your five senses. -Smell/taste/touch/hearing/ sight. Describe a fruit e.g.

My apple looks a red ball

Its feels smooth in my hand and sounds crunchy in my ear when I chew.

My apple smells sweet and its tastes juicy and delicious.