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Tuesday 12th May 2020

Good morning!


Colour Poems


We are going to be writing colour poems. Colour poems are short poems that describe colour with objects or abstract things(things you cannot touch), such as anger, sadness or happiness.


Lets start with the colour Red.


On a mind map write RED in the centre. 

Write words in the outer bubbles that are red or feelings that make you see red. For example; anger, tomatoes, hot lava, post box, warmth in my heart, strawberries, cherries, roses. Write as many as you can. 


Next, have a go at writing a colour poem for RED


Here is an example:


Red is the roaring fire

Red is a sweet rose

Red are the sweet cherries

Red is the tip of my nose


Try rhyming the last words in the second and forth line like I have above.


Practice first on some scrap paper or in your book. 


Have fun with this. Be creative with your ideas.


Cant wait to read these!wink


Example of a mind map is below. Please include more bubbles in yours.