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Tuesday 12th. January

Suggested activities for Tuesday 12th January


We will be holding live stories this afternoon. 

Victoria Park- 2.30pm

Thompson Park- 3.00pm


Here's how to join:

1) Use your Hwb email to sign in

2) Click on Office 365

3) Go to 'Teams' (the little icon of people which is on the left of your screen)

4) Find and click on the 'Victoria Park/ Thompson Park'.

5) Click on the 'Join Meeting' button (top right)

 You will then be in a page called the 'Lobby'. Your teacher will know you are waiting and will let you in for the lesson.




We do not expect you to do them all


This week our book is Oliver’s Vegetables by Vivian French

You can find it here:




30 mins of reading time


30 mins of physical exercise

  • Exercise with Joe Wicks  – Have a go here
  • Did you try some of these yesterday? Running on tiptoes, jumping backwards and hopping forwards on one foot. Can you walk to or run and kick a ball? Keep practicing!
  • Have some fresh air – You could go for a walk/ go on your bike/help mum do some shopping.


Maths activities 

  • Count to 10 forwards and backwards
  • Count to 20
  • Practice writing your numbers in flour/sugar or/salt 
  • Play this estimation game. Place a number of vegetables on a tray and cover with a blanket. Guess how many are there, then double-check by counting. Ask someone to remove one of the objects – Can you say which one has been removed? How many are left?
  • Look at a variety of fruit and vegetables. Can you decide which is the heaviest/lightest and put them in order?
  • Listen to the story of Oliver's Vegetables carefully. How many different types of vegetables can you count in the story?
  • Set up a simple shop at home with food items. Make price tags for the items in you ‘shop.’ Using 1p and 2p coins to buy items and pay with the correct coins.



Literacy activities

  • Grab a giggling Grapheme Login to play - Username: jan21   password: home
  • Play I went to the shops and bought…. with someone at home. Take it in turns to say I went to shops and I bought – try to remember the list of foods you bought.                           
  • E.g. Grown-up- I went to the shops and bought a cabbage

You – I went to the shops and bought a cabbage and a cauliflower.

Grown up – I went the shops and bout a cabbage, cauliflower and some potatoes. Keep going until someone forgets. Have several attempts!!

  • Create a feely bag/box with lots of different fruits and vegetables inside it. Put your hand in, choose one and then tell someone what you can feel. Describe what it feels like before asking them to guess which item of fruit/veg it is. Talk about how it feels and smells.
  • Help to write a shopping list of vegetables to buy at a shop
  • Write about and draw your favourite character from the book : Oliver/ grandad etc.



  • Creative activities
  • Sing the vegetable song to your teddies
  • Fill in the food journal below
  • How confident are you with scissors? Ask a grown up if they will supervise you while your draw some fruits and vegetables and then cut them out with scissors. Remember the correct way to hold them.
  • Make some vegetable prints by dipping vegetables into paint and seeing what shapes you can create.