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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside


There are some great stories about the seaside and the sea. This week’s book is called

Tiddler the story telling fish

Here is a link to the story


Below are some suggested topic activities


  • Investigate floating and sinking. Find 10 items in the house and sort into things that float and those that sink.
  • Look at the pictures in the story and make a list of the creatures you can see.
  • Tiddler sees some flying fish while he is having his adventure. Watch this video to learn more about them


  • Draw Tiddler and some other sea creatures you’ve listed.
  • Can you design a flying fish? Ask and adult to make you a paper plane. Draw a fish on it. How far can your flying fish fly?
  • Can you make a model fish? Use items around the house – cereal boxes, etc.
  • Design and make a boat to float on water.

Music/ Songs

  • Animals in the ocean

Please send your work to the following emails.

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