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Topic Activity 30.03.20


Objective: To explore and sort objects which float and sink.


**Beforehand, without the child, parents/carers to gather a range of objects which will float and sink in water. **


Activity 1:

Get a bowl of water or a water tray, whichever is at hand. This activity can be completed either outside or inside with either a bowl of water on a table or in the sink. Children are to experiment and find out which objects float and sink. Have two empty boxes labelled ‘Float’ and ‘Sink’ and the child is to sort the objects. Encourage the children to make a prediction on what they think the object will do.

‘I predict/think that ….... because …...’


Challenge: count the amount of items which float and sank.

Did you have more objects which float or sunk?

Can you think of something else which will float/sink? Test it.


Key Vocabulary; float, sink, heavy, light, prediction


Activity 2: 

Afterwards, have a range of containers to empty and pour. To make it more interesting, you can add food colouring to make the water change colour and/or add washing up liquid to create bubbles.


Ask your child to compare different size containers such as; which one one will hold the most water? Which one is empty/full/half full? 


Key vocabulary; empty, half full, full, pour, big, small, wet and hot/cold (explore hot and cold water).


Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw?
What is the weather today?

To create a weather diary

Each day, your child must look out of the window or go outside (if safe to do so) to see what the weather is like today. How does it feel? What can you see? What should we wear if we are going outside? If possible, dress a doll or teddy appropriately for the weather. 

Create a diary with your child and discuss the weather and what you did on this day.

To help your child know the days of the week, use this song which is very familiar with your child. 


Each day, draw a picture with your child to describe the weather. Ensure your child has an input. You may also record your child describing the weather which can be emailed to me.


These diaries can be completed in their exercise book or on a separate piece of paper and stuck in or taken a photo of and sent to my email address. 


Have fun learning all about the weather :)