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Topic / PE

Suggested PE Activities:

  • Joe Wicks PE Lessons (can be found on YouTube)
  • Mr Redding will be posting a weekly PE/Wellbeing challenge on the website: 


Week Beginning:  30th March 2020


Task 1:

Using resources that you have at home create a depiction (piece of artwork) of a Tudor house.

Be as creative as you possibly can.

For example, you may choose to do a pencil sketch, painting, create a 3D sculpture using Lego, paper, junk modelling or clay or may think of something completely alternative (see my picture of artwork using clothing)!

Please take a photo and send it to me.

*I've included some images to help you below


Task 2:

Create a digital piece of artwork showing a Tudor house.

You may like to use an art program or app such as Paint or Art Rage, or a gaming program such as Minecraft.

Take a photo or screenshot and send it to me.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Week Beginning:  23rd March 2020


Using the research that you have done for your literacy learning, I would like you to create a presentation about 'Life in Tudor Times'.


This may be a digital presentation using apps or programs like PowerPoint or Explain Everything or could be paper-based, perhaps in a scrapbook-style like our Savage World work.


Your presentation should include pictures and facts about:

-Tudor clothes

-Tudor food

-Tudor hobbies and pastimes

-Tudor homes and buildings

-Your opinion on life during the Tudor period - would you have liked to be alive then?


At the end of the presentation I would like you to include a quiz.