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Topic / PE

Suggested PE Activities:

  • Joe Wicks PE Lessons (can be found on YouTube)


Week beginning 28.09.2020


Task 1


Follow the instructions below to make your own volcano. Take pictures and videos once completed.



Task 2


LO: Draw, label and justify the items you would put into an evacuation survival kit if you had to leave home after a natural disaster. It needs to have enough for your family to last three days.

Week Beginning:  21st September 2020


We have been looking at volcanos as part of our topic savage world. 


Creative Task 1


Learning Objective: Children use their research skills to create an interesting PowerPoint presentation using facts about volcanos. 


Things that could be included in the PowerPoint:


  • Facts about famous volcanos from around the world
  • Information about how volcanos are created
  • Where they are located
  • How they are formed
  • What types of volcanos there are 


Remember to be creative, use pictures and words. 


Alternatively, if pupils do not have access to PowerPoint, they can create an information poster instead. 


Creative task 2


Create a self portrait showing your inner and outer self. 


Reflect on your inner-self. Pupils will draw and color what their physical face looks like on one side of a blank face. They will draw and color their hobbies, thoughts, and emotions on the other side.