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Through this week we will focus on the second of our practical activities for our St. Davids day and Eisteddfod celebrations. There will also be an activity to complete for World Book Day. Every day at 12:30 there will be a live session to help you with these jobs and to check in for general help with anything else.


Also... remember to check in with the masked reader competition each day! Masked Reader



Day Activity Links


If you want to make a model, then this is the task for you. Your job is to make a model of a puffin! You should be able to do the task with things you have at home but you might need some sticky tape or glue. The best sort of tape is masking tape because it is paper so you can colour or paint over it.


You don’t have to colour your model if you don’t have colours or paints at home.


It would be a good idea to look at lots of pictures of puffins before you begin this job. Just like we did with the art activity.


At the bottom of the page you will find some instructions on how to make a puffin. You don’t have to use these instructions, it is just one example but you must make a model of a puffin.


Please DO NOT rush this job, it should take you a few sessions, there is time for you to do it through the week.


Remember... its a competition!




Today you will need to carry on with your model of the puffin, hopefully by now it is starting to come together and you will be able to complete it by the end of the day.


Maybe you could show your progress today during the live session? 



Today you need to have a focus on some PE. Hopefully you have been using the wellbeing page to do some exercise every week?


Opposite you will find some links to use, the first 3 are links to Cardiff Games 1 minute challenges, give them a try and send your score to Mr Redding.


The bottom link is the the Joe Wicks page. Choose one of his workouts and give them a go. Warning... these are tough so be in you PE kit ready to work hard!





Star jumps





Joe Wicks


Today is World Book Day!!


Instead of dressing up as we would do in school, we have a small competition for you to try!

Your challenge is to take a toilet roll tube and turn it into a book character or the front cover of a book. It can be from any book you like, but think creative... there is a prize to be won!

The best entry will recieve a £25 gift voucher that you can spend on Amazon!


All you need to do is complete the job at home, take a photo and email it to your teacher.


Good luck!


There is also some further activities for you to try on the website, including a treasure hunt. Click HERE to find out more.


One final thing...have you been taking part in the masked reader challenge? If so the wait is over today, you will get to find out who is is behind the masks at 12 o'clock!




Well done everyone, you have made it to the end of another week! Once again it is screen free Friday, please try your best to have a break away from screens. And yes... that includes TV, Xbox, Tablets, phones, all screens!

Below are some ideas to keep you away from screens, try to do at least 2 of them but more if you can.

  • Read a book
  • Go for a walk
  • If you have a garden, go and find some bugs
  • Help with jobs around the house
  • Learn to cook something with someone in your house
  • Draw a picture of your family, favourite animal, cartoon, etc