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Our new topic for this half term is the Egyptians! Do you know anything about the Egyptians, have a think about it now. They are very famous for a few things. Through the next 2 weeks there wil also be some activities for you to do focussed on St. Davids day and our Eisteddfod celebrations.


Day Activity Links

The Egyptians really were an incredible civilisation and achieved many great things, watch the video opposite to give you an introduction to them.


When you are done, use the PowerPoint to help you through the tasks.

The first activity will ask you to look at a sheet, this is also down below.


There are some smaller jobs for you to then look at, you do not need to send these to your teacher, they are just to help you find out a little bit more.




Today will be a chance for to have your first look at one of your Eisteddfod activities. 

Below you will find a Powerpoint that will introduce you to an artist called Karl Davies.


There are some examples of his work and instructions for you to follow. Dont forget, this is a competition!


I will hold a live lesson for this activity to help with any qestions that you might have, it will be on Tuesday 23rd at 12:30. Keep an eye out on Teams to join.


You will need some paper and a pencil!



Today we are going to take aother look at our art competition that we started yesterday.


Join the meeting at 12:30 so we can discuss what you have done so far. Please have a pencil and some paper again and also bring your art work from yesterday.


Opposite there is a video for you to watch, it wil give you some tips on how to sketch, shade and add details.



Today is where you need to complete your final version of your sketch. Some things to remember:

  • It is a competition, make it your best effort.
  • It must be of an animal native to Wales.
  • It needs to be in the style of Karl Davies (use the powerpoint from Tuesday to remind you if needed)
  • You dont have to use colour but can if you like.
  • Try to use shading like we practiced on Wednesday.


Email your final version to your teacher or save it in the art folder on HWB.


Please make sure your name is clear on the front.


Good Luck!



Today you should try not to spend too much time in front of a screen (that includes TV or your Playstation!)


If you have not finished your Eisteddfod art work, now is a good time to complete it. Maybe you could try a different animal?


You will need a screen to watch these clips but they are only short. Give these Cardiff Games challenges a go and send your videos or scores to


#1MinuteChallenge 01 | Russian Twist

#1MinuteChallenge 02 | Skipping

#1MinuteChallenge 03 | Step ups