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This week in our topic sessions we will begin to look at climate change and some of the impacts and changes that this will have on us as humans.


Please dont forget to access the wellbeing page through the week, you can find it HERE. There are links to activities that will help you with PE, yoga, childrens meditation, etc.


There is also a study being done within Cardiff looking at PE in schools, they are looking for children to complete a questionnaire, it doesnt take long to complete. If you are interested click the link HERE, it would be great if the children of year 3 could have their voices heard.


Day Activity Links

Climate change effects the whole planet and everyone and everything that lives here.

But what is the difference between weather changes and climate change, watch the video to find out a little bit more.


Climate change has an effect on the amount of extreme weathers that we see. These include; Droughts, Extreme Cold, Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Thunderstorms,


On the website opposite you can learn more about these extreme weathers. We would like you to read through the pages carefully. What did you already know, what information was new?


Your job today is to create an extreme weather information page. You must include a heading, underneath your heading you can split the page into 4 boxes. In each box you choose an extreme weather, write 2 facts that you have learnt and include a picture to go with it. Make them bright and colourful!


You can either use the worksheet opposite to help you or you can draw it into your home learning books.







One of the main suspected causes for climate change is the use of fossil fuels. have you heard of fossil fuels before? What do you know about them?

Watch the video opposite to learn a little bit more about them. It will also show you renewable forms of energy, more on that ater though.


Some massive companies spen lots of money to get fossil fuels without much care o the damage that they cause. One company called Shell have been digging in the Arctic Circle, there is another video for you to watch that highlights this. Can you recognise the song?


We burn fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas to make electricity. Your job today is to make a list of everything in your house that uses electricity. Check in every room and draw some pictures to go with it.

I think you will be surprised how many thngs you will find!

Fossil Fuel video


Arctic Oil Video


Todays activty is to develop your Welsh language skills. There is a PowerPoint to help you through.

All you need to do is work through each slide, there is some reading to do but also lots of listening to help you with the pronunciation of any new words.


We have learnt this week that fossil fuels are used to give us electricity and that burning fossil fuels is bad for the environment. There are also many other man made things that are not kind to the environment. On the website opposite there are some videos to watch, you dont need to watch them all if you dont want to but make sure you watch a few.


The video clips will give you some ideas of what humans can do to help protect the environment at home and in school.


Your job today is to design a poster that shows things we can all do to protect the envionment. Without giving you too many clues... think of things that can be turned off, things we could do less of, what we do with our rubbish, etc.


You can either create a poster on paper or on a device.

Video clips


We now have a better understanding of what climate change is, the problems it can cause and some small things that we can do to help.


There are lots of people who feel very strongly about climate change. One of these people is Greta Thunberg, a young girl from Sweden. You have probably seen her before, she has become very famous for her thoughts and actions. She has made some powerful speeches n recent years, you can see one on the link.


Your job today is to answer some questions about Greta Thunberg. You will need to read the facts on the website and then answer the questions. Please answer your questions by using full sentences.


Extra challenge: Could you make your own protest poster? maybe you could use a cereal box or an old cardboard box to reuse something that will otherwise end up in the bin?