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This half term we will be exploring the North Pole or the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle is made up of a few different countries that we will look at in detail. The people who live there, the animals that roam around, the food, the cities and lots of other exciting things.


Day Activity Links

Before we look at the Arctic Circle in too much detail, we need to understand

how our planet is made up of different bits of land. These bits of land are called continents and most of the continents are made up of lots of countries.

Watch the continent video to find out more about them.


Can you remember any of the names of the continents? How many names did

you recognise?

Now you have seen them, try the quick game on the next link. Can you get them

all right? If not try again until you can put them all in the correct place.


Continent Video





Now that we have a better idea of the continents and the countries that are in them, lets look a bit closer at the North Pole and the Arctic Circle.


The fact link will show you some interesting facts about the Arctic Circle, read them carefully and look for what countries are inside the Arctic circle.


Click on the Google Earth link, and have an explore. You can zoom in and out and get really close to different countries, cities and towns.


You might need some adult help for this part...

Your first job is to find Wales, Cardiff and then try and find your house or our school. What other places can you recognise?


Ok, back to the Arctic now. You should have read that there are 8 countries inside the Arctic circle. Can you remember them?

Using Google Earth again you need find the 8 countries, you can use the search option to help you find them quickly. Have an explore, zoom in on the different places. What can you spot that is the same or different?


Your final job today is to now complete the small table. You can either do this online and email it to your teacher, you can share it on Teams, or you can copy it into your Home learning book and send us a picture.

** Some of you are having trouble accessing the table, there is another version for you to use at the bottom of this page**



Arctic Facts



Google Earth




Its so important to make sure that you keep active whilst spending most of our time at home. Its just as important as completing your other tasks, after all, a healthy body is a healthy mind!


Joe Wicks has got some fantastic home workouts to do online. Please send us a picture of your PE lesson... make sure you have a comfortable space to do it.


Feel free to do one every day if you like!

PE lesson

As we have learnt this week there are 8 countries that have land inside the Arctic Circle. Can you remember them all without checking yet? 


Every country has its own flag. Why do you think this is?

Click on the flag facts to find out a little bit more.


Your job today is to find the flags for each of the Arctic Circle Countries. There is a link that will show you all of the flags of the world to help you, and there is an activity sheet to give you a bit more information on how you could set yopur work out.


Don't forget you have your home learning books. You can draw the flags straight into your book and label them. Take a picture and email it to your teacher!


Extra activity: Create a real flag at home using materials. Could you use some sticks, kitchen roll tubes or straws for the pole? Maybe some paper or old card to draw and colour your flag onto? 

Flag Facts


Flags of the world



Name of Country in the Arctic Circle              

  Capital City