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Summer Fun


This is your last week of distance learning. You and your family have had some difficult times. Thank you all for being so positive and creating such lovely work. We truly are in awe and very proud.


As this is the last week we thought you might like to do some fun summer activities. Below are some suggestions:


1. Make your own ice lollies;

Messy fun! There's a good article here . Great ideas for moulds and recipies.






2. Bubble Fun:

Bubble activities can be done anywhere but can be more fun outside as any breeze will carry the bubbles away; if it is damp outside the bubbles will also last longer. You can make some different shaped blowers using the garden wire, make a shape and then twist the two ends of the wire to form a handle. If the ends of the wire are sharp bind them with some tape or fabric plasters.


3. Bubble Painting:

You will need:

Containers with wide tops (eg plastic cups, yoghurt pots)
Powder or liquid paint
Washing-up liquid

Put a squirt of paint and a squirt of washing-up liquid into one of the containers. Add a little water and mix well until the mixture is runny enough to blow bubbles with. Using the straw, blow into the mixture until the container is so full of bubbles that they rise above the top rim.

Quickly take a piece of paper and lightly touch it onto the bubbles. As they touch the paper, the bubbles will burst and leave an imprint on it. 

You may need to try a few times until you get a good density of colour. However, note that the imprint will never be really dark.


4. Growing Cress

Two simple ideas to make growing cress fun.


You will need

A Packet of both Mustard and Cress Seeds

An old yoghurt pot

An egg carton

Kitchen roll

Cotton wool

Wash the yoghurt pot and either peel off the wrapper or paint the outside of the pot white.

Glue on some eyes a nose and a mouth, to make a face.

Wet some scrunched-up kitchen roll and push this into the pot followed by a thin damp layer of cotton wool, leaving a gap of about 2cm below the top of the pot.

Sprinkle a mixture of the mustard and cress seeds on top of the cotton wool pressing them down lightly.

Leave the pot in a warm light place, and look daily for signs of growth which should happen after about 7 days. (Check that the cotton wool remains damp and add a little water if necessary.)

Cress Caterpillar

A variation on the pot is to grow a cress caterpillar.

Cut the bottom half off an egg carton and then cut it again length ways so you are left with two, long shapes each with three compartments.

To make one caterpillar paint the outside of the carton green with a yellow stripe around the top.

Glue on some eyes, a nose and mouth and make two pipe cleaners into antennae and fasten them so that they stick out above the eyes.

Line the base with a strip of plastic (to prevent the carton from going soggy).

Add some scrunched-up kitchen roll and cotton wool as before, leaving a space from the top of about 1cm.

Sprinkle the seeds along, pressing them down lightly.

Leave as before, checking daily for growth and dampness.

5. Join Pinterest

Pinterest is an image and website sharing service designed to give you ideas. There are some amazing ideas for activities etc.  You can join here: