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Barnaby Bear at the Seaside




Barnaby Bear is a television series starring Barnaby Bear and his friend Becky. Barnaby helps children to learn about the world around them by showing a video diary of his adventures.

In this episode, Barnaby at the Seaside - Barnaby Bear is at Poole beach. He talks to a lifeguard about the dangers of the sea and learns that red and yellow flags indicate whether it is safe to swim. Barnaby is invited to play with some children in an inflatable boat but he feels like relaxing so he has a sleep instead. When he wakes up, the children are drifting out to sea in their dinghy. Barnaby dials 999 and informs the coastguard. A lifeboat is launched from Poole lifeboat station and the children are rescued. Barnaby decides that boating can be dangerous as well as fun.


You can watch the episode here :


Below are some suggested activities:


Slip slap slop- sun safety

Barnaby and Becky talked about being safe in the sun.

Slip on t shirt, slap on a hat, slop on some sun cream are three good ways to be safe in the sun. Can you make a poster like the one below reminding people to stay safe in the sun.


Pack a suitcase for a summer holiday– what would you need and why? Collect some clothes from your room and sort into clothes to take on summer holiday and clothes for a winter holiday. Talk about why you have chosen to sort the clothes this way e.g. shorts for a summer holiday to keep you cool, a pair of gloves for a winter holiday to keep your hands warm. Draw and label your two piles.

Challenge: Can you say why gloves are made of wool and shorts are made of cotton?




Can you make a pair of binoculars like Barnaby’s?

Barnaby discussed safety flags with the lifeguard. Can you make a set of beach flags like these:



Paint/draw a seaside picture.


Make a sunhat to keep you safe in the sun using a sheet of newspaper or a cotton handkerchief. Challenge: Why do we wear hats in the sunshine?



We’ve attached some lovely mindfulness colouring sheets below.



Don't forget to show us your lovely work. You know how excited we are to see it.

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