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Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae 

Dive into the ocean for a noisy, rhyming animal adventure in this colourful book!

You will love looking at the colourful pictures and joining in with all the great sound words, as you

discover all sorts of amazing sea creatures. There blue whales, sea turtles, jellyfish, dolphins and more!
Each page introduces a different animal, with a short read-aloud rhyme.


You can watch it here:


Below are some suggested activities: 


Who lives in the ocean?

Draw a set of animals eg. bird, cat, crab, jellyfish.

Sort into two groups: Ocean animals, not ocean animals

Can you make an egg float in Saltwater?

Objects float better in salt water than in fresh water because salt adds mass to water and makes it denser.  – See below






















Draw a shark – Here's how :


How To Draw A Shark Folding Surprise Puppet:


Draw a cartoon dolphin:



Ocean Bottle 
You need: plastic water or pop bottles, blue or green food colouring, baby oil or vegetable oil, tiny shells, and sparkles or gold glitter for sand.

Fill the water bottle 2/3 full with water and tint it with the food colouring and add oil. Fill bottle to about 1/2 inch from the rim. Add tiny shells, glitter, or other sea-related items. Glue the bottle shut and place tape around the top to seal the bottle to prevent the oily liquid from leaking out. When you tip the bottle it will look like rolling ocean waves. 

Food Art

Here are some great ideas:






Have fun and send us your photos:

Victoria Park work -

Thompson Park work -