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The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

The story is about a fish with shiny, multi-coloured scales named Rainbow Fish. He has blue, green, purple and shiny scales. One day a small blue fish asks him if he could have one of his shiny silver scales. Rainbow Fish refuses in a very rude manner. The small blue fish tells all the other fish that Rainbow Fish was being rude, and as a result the others do not want to play with him anymore. Rainbow fish is sad. When he encounters the little blue fish for a second time, he gives away one of his precious scales and sees the little fish's joy. With that one shiny scale gone, he immediately feels much better. Very soon the Rainbow Fish is surrounded by other fish requesting scales and he shares one of his shiny scales with the each of them. Soon everyone has one shiny scale, including Rainbow Fish. Rainbow Fish is finally happy.


Here is the story to watch:

Below are some suggested activities:


  • Life cycle of a fish – see sheet below for ideas. Most fish are born in soft-covered eggs outside the mother's body. The parents usually don’t protect the eggs, but there are so many of them that enough survive. When the eggs hatch the young look very much like the adult, but many fish become more colourful as full adults.  Can you put then correct pictures in order?
  • Will the rainbow fish sparkle – Fun with glitter and the darkness. See below for idea
  • Make Rainbow fish pizzas               


  • Make rainbow fish biscuits              





  • Make your own rainbow fish and or animal. Use shiny materials

  • Make a rainbow fish hand print.            


  • Make a rainbow fish from a paper plate or an old CD ( ask your parents first!)                                                                                           
  • Make a stone/pebble fish                                                                    
  • Use the play dough you made to make a rainbow fish                             



Enjoy the work and eating the pizza and biscuits.

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