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Fidgety Fish by Ruth Galloway

A little fish is brimming with energy and curiosity and so wriggly and giggly that his mum sends him out of their sea cave to swim until he is tired. She warns him, however, to beware of the Big Fish. Joyfully exploring the ocean depths with its variety of interesting creatures, Tiddler spots a large black opening and pops inside, thinking it's a cave like his own. It isn't. Trapped, he thrashes and jumps, upsetting the Big Fish's stomach severely and causing a giant burp, which propels him out and swiftly home, ready for a nap. 

Listen to the story here:



Below are some suggested activities:


  • Light and dark. Can you make a dark cave like the one Tiddler found? A blanket over the table/armchair? Take a torch into the cave. Can you read a book without a torch?

  • Light and dark – think about these 8 items – torch, lamp, mirror, curtain, eyes, sun, candle and moon. Which would give us light? Can you draw some of them and order them- brightest, very bright, quite bright least bright



  • In the story tiddler meets a jellyfish, a star, a limpet and a crab. Can you make one of these sea creatures. Here are some links to some ideas:


  • Create your own seacave by painting a box a dark colour. Add some of your own sea creatures.

  • Create a night-time mural with shiny foil stars and a moon.


  • Can you make your own colour wheel? Start with the light colours such as yellow.




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