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Topic activities for week beginning 30th March 2020

Weekly sports challenge

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Mr Redding's weekly PE challenge. I will post a new challenge every week for you to try, email me your efforts and the best ones will be put on the website for the whole school to enjoy... good luck!

Design and create a Roman Mosaic

Research different Roman mosaics, we have looked at some in our last week of school and we even saw areal one on our Caerleon class trip.


Remember what makes them special. They are made up of small pieces to make a bigger picture.


Here are some examples:


Could you make yours from recycled rubbish like cardboard and plastic, or maybe by colouring small squares at a time?


Log onto the Minecraft education app using you HWB logins.


Once there begin a project to build a Roman town and some landmarks.

Start small, could you build a roman home, them move onto a Roman bath. Could you go bigger with an Ampitheatre or even the Colosseum?

Don't forget important parts like roads, places to sit, maybe somewhere to meet friends and socialise.


Screen shot your work and email them to your teachers. Or could you screen shot them and share them in Teams, you could discuss ways to improve them with your friends.




Life Skills


These are just some ideas for you to do when you have spare time. Lets use this time we have together to learn some valuable skills that will always be important! Could you learn to tie your shoelaces, sew a button, make a sandwich or help cook a meal, grow a plant, play some board games or pump up a bike tyre.