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Thursday 7th May 2020

Good morning!


Imagine you’re standing in front of this house. ​

What can you touch in front of you? ​


Write three sentences on what you touch as you move towards the house.



As I walk towards the house, I can feel stones crunching under my feet. I can feel spikey thorns on the bushes. 


Before you start as an adult to help you write down lots of words that describe how things might feel.

Eg, crunchy, cold, spikey etc.


You can use these words to put into sentences. When you write your sentences think about how you might move. 


Eg, I creep slowly towards the house crunching my feet on leaves. I can feel the hard and cold stone wall under my fingers. There are lots of thorny brambles along the path that pull at my jumper as I brush past.


Have a go! Have fun!wink