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Thursday 7th May 2020

Good morning!


Imagine you are standing in front of this house. What can you touch in front of you?


Write a paragraph for what you can touch. ​




Finally finding the path, my shaky feet move closer and closer towards the towering house in front of me. I feel the crunch of the stones beneath my feet and tread carefully to stop myself from falling. Long, brambly branches lay dead on the rocky floor but the small spikes still hurt my feet. When I reach the uneven steps I run my hands over the rough, harsh stones of the small wall alongside. The steps look crumbled and broken and I have to step carefully on smoother parts to reach the top. 


Before writing your paragraph try closing your eyes and imagine you are standing in front of the house. Hold out your hands and try to imagine what you might be able to feel as you take a few steps forward, imagine what you feel under your feet. Jot a few of your ideas down onto some scrap paper and you can use these ideas in your paragraph.

Try to start your paragraph with As I... or I slowly moved... or Taking my time...

Make sure you use adjectives to describe what you feel. 

Use capita letters and full stops. 

Either add an exclamation mark (!) if something scary or shocking happens or a question mark (?) eg, I wonder why the stones crumble as I run my hands down the jagged wall?