Primary School

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Thursday 4th June 2020

Good morning!


Today you are going to add some interesting facts to your fact file. You need to look back through through the information on the Humpback Whale and take from it facts that you find really interesting and that you would think other people reading your fact file would find interesting. You can also look on the internet for information if you have access.


When you have your 3 facts write them on the side of your table or underneath if you have no space. Be creative in how you would like to present them. Use bullet points, numbers, add background colour etc. Try to keep your writing neat and clear. Look back at the example of a fact file I have given you. This will help.


You could also have a heading at the top. You could call it Fun facts!, Cool facts!, Amazing facts!, Did you know? You decide. This can be bubble writing. Make the title stand out and make it large so that it stands out.


I will be looking for good presentation that is inviting to read and draws my attention. 


Have fun!