Primary School

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Thursday 4th February

Suggested activities for Thursday 4th February

30 mins of reading time



30 mins of physical exercise



Maths activities 



  • You’ve been learning about different coins – see if you can find different ways of making values up to 10 p  eg. 4p is 2p 2p or 1p 1p 1p 1p       10p is 5p 5p or 2p 2p 1p 5p
  • Play the robot addition game
  • Can you complete this – months and seasons

Literacy activities


  • Watch alpha blocks with the letters we’ve be learning -j v w x

  • Spell these words – we  me  he  she
  • Play odd one out
  • Don’t forget to write your full name
  • The story takes place at the supermarket. Can you make a list of vegetables you may find at the supermarket.
  • What did each character say – Fill in the speech bubbles

Creative activities


  • Learn to say the rhyme – I eat my peas with honey.

I eat my peas with honey,

I’ve done so all my life.

They do taste kind of funny,

but it keeps them on my knife.

  • Make a trap to catch evil pea. Maybe a box or  a net etc.
  • If you have some loo rolls or kitchen roll tubes ( you can just use some carboard instead)  make some superhero cuffs like these.