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Thursday and Friday

Today we will be writing our free verse poem about Antarctica! You will complete the last 2 verses today.  Please join your teams meeting for support and send your final draft of your poem to your teacher by 4pm.



Please look at the example and the pictures below to help you write your free verse poem! 






Mountains like giants stand tall.

Avalanches of snow tumble down the colossal mountains,

spreading the blanket of snow across the ground.

Waterfalls rage under the midnight disco of lights.

The snow dances along with the splash of water.

The ice kingdom has arrived.


Shards of ice,

Like daggers in the night.



The ice stalks it’s maker.

Silently winding through their entanglement.

Dubious rocks lie in wait for the inevitable storm of water.

Light penetrates its core.


Like a whisper,

The fog travels into a distant memory.

Clouds of mist illuminate over the mountains,

Which create footprints as it moves further inland.

Like a ghost,

It disappears.


The sun,

It is a torch beaming down over this desolate place.

Snow glistens as the awe-inspiring light extends it’s grasp.

Fields of snow look up to see it’s maker.

Mammoth trees are people looking up at this spectacular sight.

The journey is complete.