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Yesterday we worked on metaphors and although we had some brilliant ideas, a few of us had difficulty fully understanding. For that reason, we will look at this further using the pictures below for support.


With metaphors, it is important that we really think about what the picture or object we are thinking about could be linked to. Look really closely and think really hard about what it could be like. Remember to link it to something more exciting and completely unlinked. Below are examples we have seen and think could be improved:


The mountain was a pile of clothes in the corner of my room.                 X


This does not work well as you are comparing something mammoth and awesome like a mountain to something boring like clothes.


much better would be:


The clothes were a mountain of filth in the corner of my unkept room.            TICK



This is much better as it compares something boring with something exciting. The vocabulary is also more interesting.


Please join your class call tomorrow with your teacher for support.


P.S. Well done to those of you that guessed correctly. It was Mr. Gray who was running like an excited child at play time!