Primary School

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Limit Breakers 


Play the Times table game. Practise your times tables for a good 10-15 minutes. Make sure you look at your 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s.


You all did really well on your division yesterday. To consolidate this knowledge, have a go at the questions below. Remember if you are unsure, or you need help, please email your teacher or join your class' live lesson. 





Pi-Thons Begum's Beasts 


Look at the division word problems below. Remember to read the question carefully to find the correct information to use to work out your answer. If you are unsure of what to do, please join your class' live lesson or email your teacher.  



Mrs Smith has 360 new pencils to share between 20 pupils. How many pencils will each child get?


Tickets for the latest film cost £9 each. Your family has £48 saved up. How many of you can go to the cinema to see the film?


When you are in the cinema, you see that the 504 seats are divided into 7 equal sections. How many seats are there in each section?


A batch of new reading books has been delivered to school. There are 275 books. Each class needs 15 books. How many classes will get the books that they need?


Mrs Smith, Mrs Jones and Miss Dawson share a big box of chocolates. There are 12 different types of chocolate in the box. There are 168 chocolates altogether. How many are there of each type of chocolate?


Emily, William and Sarita go ‘Trick or Treating’ together. Emily gets 26 sweets. William gets 21.  Sarita gets 25. If they share them equally, how many sweets will each get in the end?


Eddie collects Moshi Monster cards. He has 462! He decides to share them equally between himself and his two older brothers. How many will each boy get?


The Headmaster is taking all of Key Stage Two on a trip to the seaside. There will be 210 children and 24 adults going along. How many 42-seater buses will he need to use?

Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys